This spring, the Innovations series will focus on pulse light sterilization technology.

Jupiter, FL— An upcoming episode of Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr., scheduled to broadcast 2Q, 2019, will explore recent developments in bacteria killing technology for the food service industry. Check your local listings for more information.

In this episode, viewers will learn about Holland Pulse Light’s revolutionary food safety technology; the Pulsed Light Power sterilization flash machine – a point-surface sterilization technique that uses an extremely intense flash of light to kill bacteria. Viewers will be educated about how the light flash, with a force of almost 2000 Joule, is able to kill bacteria without using chemical products.

“Neon Bloom has made it our mission to help solve some of the biggest humanitarian crisis facing the world today,? stated Douglas DiSanti, CEO and Founder of Neon Bloom. DiSanti continued, “It seems every week we hear about another major food supplier recalling large quantities of food all throughout the United States and the world. We believe that our uniquely engineered machine is the solution to this world-wide crisis, and we are eager to take it to market as we come to the end of our R&D process.?

In addition, spectators will see how the flash technology uses UV-A and UV-B in the UV spectrum so that the taste and smell of food is not affected. With the ability to be applied to various products, the Holland Pulse Light sterilization machine works best with relatively moist products, because light needs a conductor to reach the released energy at all places.


Holland Pulse Light:
Pulsed Light Power arose from a collaboration between specialists from the food industry and a technology company, which has been focusing on UV flash technology for more than 40 years. The applied technique reduces or eliminates the need for chemical disinfectants and the addition of preservatives in which it extends the shelf life and improve the quality of the products. Among other things, the research showed that the number of Listeria and Salmonella bacteria is reduced to 99.85%.

The technology does not only disinfect food and packaging, due to the germ-killing effect, there also appears to be a reduction in the number of allergens that occur naturally in foods.

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