DMG Productions to educate about advances in CBD hemp oil and related products.

Jupiter, FL—Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. will discover the secret of North Carolina’s Blacklands soil while examining the latest breakthroughs in CBD oil and hemp-derived products. This episode is scheduled to broadcast 3Q/2019. Check your local listings for more information.

Examining the healing properties and benefits of CBD, this segment will take a look at Blacklands Botanicals. Going-behind-the-scenes, the Advancements team will uncover what makes the Blacklands of North Carolina ideal for cultivating complex terpene profiles and cannabinoid combinations.

Viewers will learn about Blacklands Botanicals’ experienced team, backed by more than 100 years of growing. The show will also explore the science and genetics behind the quality products produced by Blacklands Botanicals and how the company works closely with its various strains of high CBD industrial hemp in an effort to make high-performing feminized seed for its farmers.

“Blacklands Botanicals works with hemp genetics to refine strains that are not only high in Cannabidiol (CBD which is all the rage), but also the hundreds of other minor cannabanoids and terpenes that absolutely have medicinal value. Blacklands Botanicals’ proprietary approach allows us to create trusted feminized seeds that only produce female plants and then maintain the ability to mitigate any heavy metals or pesticide residue a farmer may have through a specialized and targeted chromatography separation,� said Clarence Dean, CEO of Blacklands Botanicals.

About Blacklands Botanicals:
With more than 100 years of growing experience, Blackland Botanicals is located in the Blacklands of North Carolina, where some of the riches and most organic soil in the world can be found. With the belief that good medicine starts with good genetics and healthy soil, Blacklands Botanicals’ experienced team continues to cultivate its complex terpene profiles and cannabinoid combinations in the heart of the Blacklands. The company strongly believes in the attributes of high CBD hemp oil products, which constant research continues to affirm.

Growing hemp is a science that starts with quality genetics. Blackland Botanicals works closely with various strains of high CBD industrial hemp in an effort to make high-performing feminized seed for farmers.

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