Learn how technology is helping people drive smarter.

Jupiter, FL— An upcoming episode of Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr., scheduled to broadcast 3Q, 2019, will explore recent developments in traffic safety solutions. Check your local listings for more information.

Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. will focus on a revolutionary new invention developed by EEE Innovations Oy (EEE Innovations) to combat issues associated with road slipperiness, called the EGRIP, which detects black ice, slipperiness, road surface failures and other dangerous spots on the road.

Created to produce real-time slipperiness information for the benefit of drivers, transport operators, and other road users, EGRIP solution increases road safety for drivers in dangerous areas. In addition to slipperiness, the solution can also refine other data collected from the CAN bus of the vehicle, such as location and outdoor temperature information, as well as information about unexpected braking situations.

Viewers will learn how the EGRIP enhances road maintenance by producing information on where the slippery parts of the roads exist. In addition, spectators will see how the EGRIP technology allows for more comfortable and reliable driving on the road.

This segment will also look at how the eGrip detects the slipperiness and EEE Innovations’ eSense senses other dangerous spots on the road and sends the information to eCloud where it is analyzed and disseminated by eDas in real-time to vehicles nearby, and to road maintenance officials, making the solutions a vital component of intelligent and safe transport systems.

“Being part of the Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. series is a great honor and possibility for us to spread the message of our road safety solutions to a wider audience,�? said Kimmo Erkkilä, Chairman of the Board, EEE Innovations Oy.


EEE Innovations:
EEE Innovations’ solutions eGrip and eSense aggregate data from vehicles and third-party sources to eCloud from where the refined data is provided in real-time by eDAS to connected vehicles and to road maintenance operators. The patented software-based innovations derive data from vehicles’ own computers and refine it into information about road slipperiness and driving patterns, for the benefit of drivers, fleet managers, authorities, road maintenance operators, insurance companies, vehicle computer manufacturers, self-driving cars, and all road users. For more information, visit: www.e3inno.com.

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