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The Innovations TV series focuses on the important issues and current trends impacting society today. Stretching across nearly every niche, the show informs audiences about the latest technologies to hit the market and provides an in-depth look at how they affect our daily lives.

From science and technology to agriculture, business, wellness, and more, Innovations enlightens viewers on the most cutting-edge breakthroughs across an array of industries. Follow us as we hear from the farmers instrumental to cultivating the fresh foods and textiles you enjoy daily. Take a journey with us as we travel the globe to explore the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. Get information about recent advancements in biodiesel, solar, and wind power technologies, and get up-close and personal with the people and organizations dedicated to reducing dependence on foreign oil.

Learn how automation is helping to advance online shopping, fulfillment services, and business-to-business e-commerce solutions. Discover every aspect of health, medicine, and fitness. Find out about new developments in travel and tourism, the latest solutions in banking, precision technology, GPS, manufacturing, building, and design. Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., explores all of this and more.