Science & Technology

Throughout our lives we’re faced with many changes. Currently, advancements in science and technology are helping to dictate the direction we take; keeping us up-to-date with crucial information needed in today’s fast-paced world. From state-of-the-art equipment, to 3D printing, world-wide connectivity and more,  Innovations provides viewers with the most cutting-edge, useful information impacting us today.

Join Innovations on a journey to explore the latest breakthroughs and discoveries  in the fields of genetic testing and cellular technology.

The automation of IT and software development is accelerating at a rapid pace, helping companies bring new products and ideas to market faster and more efficiently than ever. The emergence of big data, smart mobile connectivity, social media, cloud, and analytics have significantly affected digital technology, challenging organizations to re-think and re-equip. Innovations explores all of this, and more.

3D printing is making its mark as it reshapes product development and manufacturing, and turns individuals, small businesses and corporate departments into developers.