DMG Productions discovers the latest breakthroughs in digital cities for sustainable living.

Jupiter, FL—An upcoming episode of Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr. will showcase recent developments in digital city developments, scheduled to broadcast via FOX Business, Q2/2019. Check your local listings for more information.

In this segment, Innovations will focus on 22 Capital Partners, an emerging technology investment firm with investments in commercial real estate, disruptive technology, and clean and renewable energy. More specifically, the segment will center on one of its recent projects through, a global leader in smart city development and technology. Viewers will learn about and its digital city platform. The show will also discover how is dedicated to providing a turnkey hyper-localized economy that supports small business, education, and the community in a sustainable way.

“A crucial aspect of building digital cities is understanding all aspects of modern real estate development, public-private partnerships, and transformation of new urban living into intelligent highly connected live work play learn environments,” says Minh Le, chief executive officer of “By collaborating with leading pioneers in Urban Developer, like The Meridian Group from the Washington D.C. region, and experts in transforming hospitality for whole cities, like Blau & Associates from Las Vegas, we are confident that we can build the next generation of digital cities.”

In order to create a repeatable and scalable model for real estate developers, digital cities must be sensitive to both public and private partnerships and make sure that each implementation addresses the needs of the community.

“ is creating a sustainable and scalable model for digital city living and operations,” said Brett Ferrigan, Producer for the Innovations series.  “As a series that is dedicated to making our world a better place, Innovations is proud to bring this information to its viewers.”


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