From Main Street to Wall Street, Innovations explores some of the hottest topics and current trends impacting our society. This information-based series is geared toward educating the public on the latest advances in all areas of society, including business, finance, and technology. Innovations features the practical solutions and important issues facing consumers and professionals alike.

Featured Topics

Innovations in Aerospace & Defense
The aerospace and defense industry has long been a source of great innovation and continues today to produce cutting-edge technologies that push the envelope of human achievement. In fact, no industry is more readily associated with the development of technology and innovation. These unprecedented technical advances have allowed individual companies to remain competitive in an uncertain and rapidly evolving market environment. Follow us as we highlight the organizations and technologies dedicated to innovation and advancement.

Innovations in Food Service
Today, more than ever, technology is at the heart of the food-service industry. From culinary schools and award winning dining, to cutting edge equipment and technologies, Innovations spotlights some of the latest developments to hit the food service industry. Follow us on this journey of discovery as we educate on the people, places, and organizations responsible for making our eating experience better than ever.

Innovations in Politics
In addition to learning about the political system as a whole, this special feature program will explore each state’s unique political processes by focusing on the people, places, and parties that contribute to electing an official. From Alaska to Puerto Rico, join us as we travel the nation to get a behind-the-scenes look at the campaigns, elections, and legislation that make up each state.

Innovations in Travel and Beyond
The travel industry has evolved immensely over the years. Today, airplanes offer things like Wi-Fi access, and On Demand programming, where in the past, the biggest luxury at 35,000 feet were mediocre meals. There is no longer a need for travel agents; smartphones and computers have replaced them. From ski slopes and vineyards, to boating and beyond, Innovations showcases a wide array of some of the most renowned and well-kept secrets the world has to offer, and the organizations dedicated to promoting tourism and economic stimulation.