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Health & Medicine

Developments in the medical community provide us with more answers and a better understanding about how our bodies function. Living at the forefront of technology, our knowledge will only continue to grow and teach us how to sustain and live, longer, healthier lives. From women’s health to brain mapping, to cutting-edge surgical procedures and more, Innovations is dedicated to defining and exploring the latest medical advances in all areas of health and medicine.

Innovations TV goes behind-the-scenes to uncover the latest trends in health, medicine, and overall wellness.

Technology has opened a new frontier in personalized health care and data collection. Smart phones, computers, and tablets provide doctors and their patients with easier access to research and better ways to monitor progress. Watch Innovations to learn about the best-kept secrets helping to deliver better care, increase efficiency, and improve patient satisfaction. Other topics include, but are not limited to: behavioral health, optometry, heart health, neurology, advancements in Alzheimer’s disease, dental health, eye health, healthcare products, fitness, wellness, and life sciences.

Innovations travels the globe learning about the people, places, and institutions dedicated to advancing the medical industry.