/Blockchain-Based Technology for the Food and Ag Industries

Blockchain-Based Technology for the Food and Ag Industries

Exploring breakthroughs in blockchain technology for agriculture and food-related businesses.

Jupiter, FL—Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. will focus on breakthroughs in technology as it pertains to the agriculture industry. This episode is scheduled to broadcast during 3rd QTR 2018. Check your local listings for more information.

Today, small and medium sized producers and processors of agricultural products are being pushed out as a result of the hold that major food brands and agricultural corporations have on the industry. This segment of Innovations will explore the FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM a blockchain ecosystem that has been architecturally designed to create a global marketplace of food and agricultural products on the existing platform of 1000EcoFarms with the opportunity to add other platforms. FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM will create a new blockchain-based on Ethereum technology as a universal trading platform for businesses dealing with food broadly defined.

FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM transactions will accept a proper cryptocurrency named FoodCoin (FOOD) and its smart contracts will cut out the intermediaries, dramatically reducing the costs of transactions and prices for final customers, while FOODCOIN Product identification system will become a strong defensive mechanism for brand name products.

Viewers will learn how FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM plans to support food and Ag startups with the verified model, innovation content, and the significant growth potential using the platform of 1000EcoFarms and FOODCOIN blockchain. The show will also educate about how FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM will unite economic agents (sellers, distributors, buyers, banks, insurance, logistics companies, tax services, etc.) into a single blockchain platform and introduce the real use cases of FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM early adopters (5 companies in the US and Europe).

“FoodCoin already has strategic partnership agreements with several companies and projects throughout the U.S., and as of this March, has also made partnerships with European producers,� said Gregory Arzumanian, Founder & CEO of FOODCOIN. “We are excited to be a part of the Innovations series where we can spread the word about what is taking place in the industry, and how FOODCOIN is making an impact.�

“FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM plans to collaborate with government and non-government organizations in the integration of blockchain technologies to solve actual global problems, such as famine relief, disaster relief, climate fluctuation, support of small farmers, uncontrolled global migration of agricultural populations, and more,� said Jennifer Tierney, senior producer for the series.

FOODCOIN is a company established in Lucerne, Switzerland. Their main objective is to create a blockchain ecosystem to help natural food sellers to reach their audience. It will make closer the relation between companies and their customers, as well as with other companies that might help them. For more information, visit: www.foodcoin.io.

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