/Developments in Aquaponics

Developments in Aquaponics

DMG Productions discovers recent advances in science and technology.

Jupiter, FL—The award-winning Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr. television series will explore breakthroughs in aquaponics in an upcoming episode, airing 2Q 2018 on FOX Business. Check your local listings for more information.

Leading the way in Nova Scotia and around the world, Aqualitas Inc. (Aqualitas) is an aquaponics cannabis company rooted in science. This segment of Innovations will explore Aqualitas’ unique, proprietary cultivation process, which uses all-natural inputs to produce a superior quality product, with larger yields and faster growing times.

“We’re excited to be participating in the Innovations series and to share with its audiences the breakthroughs we have made over the past several years,? says Aqualitas CEO, Myrna Gillis. “We have developed an award-winning, innovative aquaponics technology that allows for production in a uniquely designed hybrid system that utilizes vertical integration and individualized nutrient management. Our cultivation research has sustainable agricultural relevance, and our systems can be scaled for individual or commercial use.?

Viewers will observe how Aqualitas harnesses the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants. In addition, the show will highlight the sustainability behind the system, which uses 90-percent less water and 50-percent less energy than traditional indoor growing methods.

“We look forward to enlightening audiences on the benefits of aquaponics,? said Michele Nehls, Senior Producer for the Innovations series. “This segment is sure to enlighten and engage.?


About Aqualitas Inc:
Aqualitas is a licensed producer of medical cannabis in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. Developed through its research subsidiary, Finleaf Technologies, Aqualitas’s award-winning proprietary aquaponic growing platform combines horticulture and fish farming, creating a mutually beneficial recirculating system. The result is a sustainable cultivation process that produces safe, consistent, all-natural quality cannabis.

For more information visit www.aqualitas.ca or call 1-844-268-2761

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