/Next Generation Technology in Pathogen Testing

Next Generation Technology in Pathogen Testing

Innovations television series explores breakthroughs in DNA-based pathogen testing.

Jupiter, FL—Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. willexplore recent developments taking place in DNA-based pathogen testing forcannabis, botanical, food and agriculture industry. This segment is scheduled to air 4thQTR 2018. Check your local listings for more information.

In this segment, Innovations will explore PathogenDx, whose disruptive, game-changing technology provides simple, effective, fast, and affordable DNA-based pathogen testing for cannabis, botanical, food and agriculture industry. Viewers will learn how PathogenDx has developed the next generation “standard� for very large-scale cannabis, botanical, food and agricultural testing.

The company is intentionally targeting the Cannabis sector as a break-in strategy to deliver the benefits of its technology to an industry that is experiencing significant pathogen contamination issues. Its end goal is make available its technology and products to Food, Agriculture and other markets.

“When it comes to ease of use, time savings, throughput, sensitivity and specificity; nothing comes close,� said Dr. Reggie Gaudino, Chief Scientific Officer, Steep Hill Labs – The Global Leader in Cannabis Testing & Analytics.

This technology provides people involved with all aspects of commerce in the cannabis, food and agricultural, and botanical markets the ability to quickly identify pathogen contamination in a fraction of the time, testing for multiple pathogens at the same time at a significant cost advantage compared to other commercially available technologies. The benefits are multifold from reducing risk of sickness and death, saving billions of dollars in economic losses, and improving shelf life of product.

“PathogenDx developed an innovative, novel approach to detect pathogens that harm humans, plants and the environment. Their DNA-based pathogen testing technology is light years ahead of other microbial testing methods,� said Michele Nehls, Senior Producer for the Innovationsseries. “We look forward to bringing this vital information to our viewers.�


About PathogenDx:
Established in Nov 2014, PathogenDx is an Arizona based biotechnology company with a broad market platform technology whose mission is to deliver disruptive testing technology and solutions to the botanical, food and agricultural testing markets that provide breakthrough simplicity, and cost-effectiveness, at an adaptable scale for customers impacted by Pathogen contamination. The technology offers growers, processors, producers, consumers and ancillary services within the botanical, food and agricultural markets real-time data/information pertaining to the quality of their product. For more information, visit: www.pathogendx.com.

About Innovations and DMG Productions:
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