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Jupiter, FL— Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. is proud to announce that Rayeman Elements, Inc. (Rayeman Elements) will be featured in an upcoming episode of the highly acclaimed TV series, airing second quarter 2017 on FOX Business.

Rayeman Elements is committed to the manufacturing, development, and the distribution of innovative, groundbreaking technology to produce environmentally friendly products. This segment will educate audiences on the latest breakthroughs in the industry, and will feature Rayeman Elements’ Ground breaking technology and equipment, which bulk densifies just about any product introduced, reducing the footprint of the material by up to 70 percent, forming a cube, pellet, or log for feed, renewable energy, or shipping purposes.

“Rayeman Elements is excited to have the opportunity to introduce our innovative, disruptive technology and equipment to the world outside of our current industry, said Samantha Western, President of Rayeman Elements, Inc. “We are a small, closely knit family-owned and operated company, looking to change the way waste products and byproducts are handled and used in today’s trades and manufacturing. We offer unique, patented technology and equipment to Ethanol plants, feed manufacturing plants, and industrial endeavors around the country and around the world. Our hope is to be a positive addition to the Innovations TV Series with our unique processes and progressive vision.”

Viewers will learn about Rayeman Elements’ new Grain Dryer, and why it is said to have broken the limitations of conventional dryers. It will also explore Rayeman Elements’ equipment and technology, and how it is changing the future of waste and byproduct handling, sales, and value, by creating a method of diversifying revenue streams, bettering current market segments, and creating new industries.

“In addition to removing the possibility of explosions, Rayeman Elements is significantly reducing operating costs, lessening and potentially eliminating emissions and emissions permits, and offering the flexibility to market modified wet grains, as well as dry grains to the industry,” said Jennifer Tierney, producer for the Innovations TV series. “We look forward to highlighting this technology on the show.”

About Rayeman Elements: Rayeman Elements is an agricultural technology company looking to make a difference in not only waste and byproducts’ use and transportation in the US, but also by improving the state of living for people around the world with cost-effective shipping of necessary goods, possible housing solutions, and safer working conditions for manufacturing plant employees everywhere. Rayeman looks to help businesses achieve higher profit margins, while applying more environmentally friendly equipment and processes; creating a win-win for everyone.

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