Exploring the latest advances in firearm safety, technologies and solutions.

Jupiter, FL— Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. is proud to announce the upcoming airing of the award winning series, scheduled to broadcast Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 5:00 pm ET.

Learn how developments in automation and highly sophisticated tools and materials are changing the nature of manufacturing as Innovations explores Cutting Edge Bullets (CEB). With a goal of providing a single projectile that performs as well as it does on the range, CEB creates an environment where every single bullet can function and perform the same exact way, each time; creating a safer experience for users.

With a growing number of firearm related accidents, more and more people are realizing the importance to protect weapons today. Featuring Gun Storage Solutions (GSS) viewers will be educated on the company’s 100 percent American-made storage solutions, which have the ability to adapt to any gun safe, cabinet, or closet.

Following, Innovations will enlighten audiences on the necessity of roller delayed blowback firearms, and the global presence Zenith Firearms holds in the market, both in quantity and diversity. Leveraging the latest developments in firearms technology, Zenith’s legendary roller delayed blowback family of firearms is long regarded for its unparalleled fusion of accuracy and reliability, and harsh environment durability.


The show will close by educating audiences on negligent discharge and the importance of firearm training and safety procedures. Spectators will see how Blok Safety Systems is helping to reduce mishandling of firearms and lessening resulting injury or death. Viewers will learn that by working together, Blok Safety Systems’ products BarrelBlok™ and MagBlok™, prevent rounds from being chambered.

“What these companies are doing to help protect and strengthen the firearms industry is outstanding,” said Ken Sawyer, Senior Producer for the Innovations Series. “We look forward to weighing in on the importance of safety in firearms handling.”

About Innovations & DMG Productions:
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