Exploring the latest breakthroughs in technology and fire safety solutions.

Jupiter, FL— Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., announced today that it will feature FireIce Solutions, LLC in an upcoming episode, airing third quarter 2016 via Discovery Channel. Dates and show times TBA.

In this segment, viewers will learn about FireIce®, an environmentally-friendly co-polymer that not only allows first responders to act effectively and efficiently to save lives and protect assets, but helps to prevent fires before they start.

“We sincerely appreciate the invitation to participate in Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., to help educate consumers and professionals about the unique qualities of FireIce® and FireIce® Shield™,” commented Robert Printz, CEO of FireIce Solutions. “Fire suppression is only one aspect of our vision. Yes, we are committed to improving fire safety. But we are also committed to minimizing the devastating loss of life and property caused by fire by shifting the focus from extinguishment to prevention and protection.”

“FireIce® Shield™ will save lives,” commented Kathy Crosby-Bell, founder of The Last Call Foundation and mother of fallen firefighter, Michael Kennedy. “Michael died fighting a fire started accidentally by a welder working with an open flame. FireIce Shield prevents heat transfer and stops sparks from ever starting a fire in the first place”, she continued.

“FireIce Solutions is shifting the way we think about fire,” said Ken Sawyer, Producer for the series. “Instead of being ‘reactive’—dealing with fire as it occurs—FireIce Solutions is focused on stopping the loss proactively. This has significant implications in the way fires are fought, but more importantly, in preventing fires from happening in the first place. We look forward to shining a spotlight on not just this revolutionary technology but in the innovative use of it to stop fire loss before it happens.”

About FireIce Solutions LLC:
Founded in 2015 by partners Rob Printz, Gerry Kennedy and Lisa Roday, as the exclusive distributor of FireIce® to fire, police, emergency medical services and other first responders, FireIce Solutions has brought FireIce® technology to colleges, camps, industry, restaurants, and municipalities. Among the non-toxic and non-corrosive products manufactured in the United States by innovator GelTech Solutions, Inc., FireIce® and FireIce® Shield™ are improving safety as both suppressants to extinguish fires and as fire retardants to protect people, assets and property.

For more information, visit: www.fireicesolutions.com.

About Innovations and DMG Productions:
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