/Revolutionary Cloud Dash Cam Technology Explored on Innovations TV Series

Revolutionary Cloud Dash Cam Technology Explored on Innovations TV Series

Join us for a look at recent advances in cloud-based dashcam technology.

Jupiter, FL— An upcoming episode of the award-winning series; Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr., will focus on recent breakthroughs in cloud-based dashcam technology. Check your local listings for more information.

Since it was established in 2007, BlackVue, by Pittasoft Co. Ltd, has set the standard in the car dash​cam industry. This segment of Innovations will explore BlackVue’s latest additions, BlackVue Over the Cloud and BlackVue Fleet Tracking, which open even more possibilities for its users. Now BlackVue dash​cams can connect people and businesses to their cars through the Cloud, anytime, anywhere.

“We are delighted to introduce Innovations’ viewers with the BlackVue dashcam ecosystem,� said Jeremie Sinic, Marketing Manager at Pittasoft. “BlackVue is an established brand in the dashcam industry but we are always exploring ways to break new grounds and we appreciate the opportunity to share our latest developments with the audience.�

In addition, viewers will learn how businesses use BlackVue to protect and track their fleets of vehicles, while expediting insurance claims and minimizing disruption.

“Through its Full-HD 1-channel and 2-channel dash​cams, BlackVue really took dashboard camera technology to the next level,� said Will Spilecki, senior producer for the Innovations series. “Now, BlackVue has yet again expanded the horizon for dashcam technology with its cloud-based options. We look very forward to highlighting this revolutionary technology.�


About Pittasoft / BlackVue:
Established in 2007, BlackVue has become the standard for simple, reliable, connected and elegant dashcam design. It introduced Full HD dashcams globally, followed by Wi-Fi connectivity for easy setup and management of videos through a mobile phone. It also became popular for its advanced Parking Mode monitoring function, and more recently its 4K Ultra HD models.

Since 2015, BlackVue has set itself further apart with the launch of Over the Cloud, a service enabling remote Live View of in-car footage from anywhere, anytime with the BlackVue app. This unique feature provides both business fleet managers and individual users with new ways to easily monitor their vehicles in real time, from the palm of their hand. For more information, visit www.blackvue.com.

About Innovations and DMG Productions:
Innovations, hosted by award winning actor Ed Begley, Jr., is an information-based series geared toward educating the public on the latest breakthroughs in all areas of society. Featuring practical solutions and important issues facing consumers and professionals alike, Innovations focuses on cutting-edge advancements in everything from health and wellness to global business, renewable energy, and more.

Backed by experts in various fields, and a team dedicated to education and advancement, DMG Productions consistently produces commercial-free, educational programming on which both viewers and networks depend.

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