/Exciting New Episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., February 10, 2018 on FOX Business

Exciting New Episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., February 10, 2018 on FOX Business

Exploring the latest breakthroughs and cutting-edge technologies affecting society today.

Jupiter, FL- The award-winning series, Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr., proudly announces the airing of a new episode, scheduled to broadcast Nationwide on Saturday, February 10, 2018 @5:00pmET on FOX Business. Check your local listings for more info.

The Innovations team will explore Godiva Chocolatier’s history of fine-chocolate making. Audiences will be exposed to the exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality ingredients, and state-of-the-art techniques required to go from raw cocoa beans to artisanal chocolate truffles.

Next, the show will educate viewers about cardiovascular disease and the new ultrasound technologies made available by GE Healthcare to help overcome the disease’s increasing complexities. The segment will also focus on imaging technology and machined learning, and how they are helping to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.

The storyline then shifts to DAFA, a company working towards a number of defined environmental targets to ensure environmentally friendly offerings for the wind power industry, which improve turbine functioning, both onshore and offshore.

Finally, our team traveled to Belgrade, Serbia, to learn about GameCredits, and how the blockchain is disrupting the gaming industry.


About Innovations & DMG Productions:
Innovations, hosted by award winning actor Ed Begley, Jr., is an information-based series geared toward educating the public on the latest breakthroughs in all areas of society. Featuring practical solutions and important issues facing consumers and professionals alike, Innovations focuses on cutting-edge advancements in everything from health and wellness to global business, renewable energy, and more.

Backed by experts in various fields, and a team dedicated to education and advancement, DMG Productions consistently produces commercial-free, educational programming on which both viewers and networks depend.

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