This special feature program educates on the political system as a whole and explores each state’s unique political processes by focusing on the people, places, and parties that contribute to electing an official. From Alaska to Puerto Rico, join us as we travel the nation to get a behind-the-scenes look at the campaigns, elections, and legislation that make up each state.

Do you know the electoral and legislative processes in each state? From county to senate seats, this program will explore candidates, both past and present, to gain a refreshingly non-partisan view of how it all works.

A bit of history
The American Revolution began the process of creating a new nation in a number of different ways; by protesting British rule through legal and extra-legal actions; by waging a war to end America’s status as a colonized territory; and by designing new forms of government, which eventually led to becoming independent states.

The social forces that reshaped the United States in its first century were profound. Western expansion and unprecedented economic changes accompanied by the early Industrial Revolution worked together with one another in ways that were both complementary and contradictory. Today, America exists as a partnership. Much like a marriage, each state holds strengths that benefit the Nation as a whole.
Lincoln Memorial
 Did you know?
What do you really know about our nation? Do you know the inner-workings of our constitution? How about the different political systems between each of our 50 states? What makes up a commonwealth, or even a district, and how do they differ from the remaining U.S. states?

Why do some states hold caucuses, while others have town meetings? What makes each state, district, or commonwealth unique? Learn this and more as we explore what makes America tick in this educational, non-biased program, dedicated to enlightening the public on the political system. 

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