Innovations is an award winning eco-friendly series devoted to advancements in renewable energy and sustainable living. From biodiesel to wind power, Innovations gets up close and personal with the people and organizations dedicated to reducing our dependence on foreign oil and creating a sustainable planet.

Featured Topics
Innovations in Green Building
Green building advances help improve individual carbon footprints, but to create a global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, more wholesale changes are required. Innovations explores the masterminds behind sustainable building design and construction. From the latest advancements in grid-aware appliances to new developments in insulation and indoor air quality, Innovations explores the world of green building and the path toward living a more sustainable life.
Innovations in Wind Power
The rising electricity demand and government focus on renewable energy around the globe has resulted in a series of favorable transformations for the wind power sector. Follow Innovations as we explore the latest advancements in wind turbine technologies, from magnetic levitation in floating windmills to advancements in power semiconductors and converters, Innovations explores it all.
Innovations in Solar Power
Our energy systems are in need of a serious tune-up, for a number of reasons, some of which include limited supplies, the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants during use, and for most countries, the dependence on foreign oil and coal supplies. The solar power industry has been pushing out innovations right and left, which have the potential to make a serious positive impact on our energy systems. Innovations follows the people and places working to reverse the negative affects our carbon imprint has made on our environment.
Innovations in Hydro Power
Around the globe, people are working toward turning this ancient power source into an even more important modern one. Innovations works to uncover new technologies, like the hydroelectric generator that takes advantage of the immense pressure differentials in the deep water of lakes or oceans with the ability generate up to 500 megawatts of continuous renewable energy, in order to connect viewers with some of the best information related to hydro power and the key players instrumental to advancing the industry.