New Episode Airing of Innovations TV Series on Saturday, January 30, 2016

DMG Productions explores the latest breakthroughs in science and technology.

Jupiter, FL— DMG Productions announced today the upcoming airing of Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr., scheduled to broadcast on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 4:00pET via Fox Business.

First, viewers will learn about A New Start, which offers treatment based on the philosophy that Substance Use Disorder is a chronic, progressive, devastating and potentially fatal disease. A New Start believes that substance use disorder is a disease, which affects a person physically, emotionally, and psychologically, impacting family, work, school life, and other relationships.

Next the show will explore Genomind, a personalized medicine company bringing innovation to mental healthcare through genetic testing. Genomind is comprised of pioneering researchers and thought leaders in psychiatry and neurology and specializes in pharmacogenetic laboratory testing for psychiatry. Audiences will learn how Genomind is committed to partnering with clinicians in the field of psychiatry to improve their patients’ lives.

With a behind-the-scenes look at MGC Pure Chemicals America, Inc. (MPCA), innovators in high purity chemicals since the 1980s, Innovations will educate about the company’s manufacturing capabilities, which include creation of the highest purity stabilizer-free hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide in the world, and will focus on MPCA’s primary business: the manufacturing of Ultra-Pure Hydrogen Peroxide and Ultra-Pure Ammonium Hydroxide used in the cleaning of silicon wafers and related semiconductor devices in the U.S.

The series will also explore SOTIO, an international biotechnology company developing new medical therapies, focusing on the treatment of cancer and autoimmunity diseases, which conducts research concerning the actual platform of active cellular immunotherapy. Tune in to learn about its state-of-the-art technology, research being performed by leading scientists, and the role dendritic cells play in the therapeutic activation of the immune system.

“Science and technology continue to revolutionize the medical community. The information in this show is sure to enlighten and entertain audiences,” said Michele Nehls, Senior Producer for the series.

About Innovations & DMG Productions:
Innovations, hosted by award winning actor Ed Begley, Jr., is an information-based series geared toward educating the public on the latest breakthroughs in all areas of society. Featuring practical solutions and important issues facing consumers and professionals alike, Innovations focuses on cutting-edge advancements in everything from health and wellness to global business, renewable energy, and more.

DMG Productions (responsible for creating the Innovations show) includes personnel specialized in various fields from agriculture to medicine, independent films to regional news and more. Our field producers work closely with experts in the field to develop stories. This powerful force enables us to consistently produce commercial-free, educational programming that both viewers and networks depend on.

For more information visit: or contact Michele Nehls at: (866) 496-4065 x 822 or via email at: [email protected]

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