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Sunnyvale, CA— DVS Sciences Inc., a privately held innovator of novel multi-parameter single-cell analyzers and reagents for biological research technology, announced today that they will be participating in an upcoming episode of Innovations, hosted by Ed Begley, Jr.

In this episode, Innovations will explore the transformative impact that the Mass Cytometry platform, pioneered by DVS, is having on scientific discovery. One of the major challenges facing researchers today is how best to untangle the function of biological systems given the functional heterogeneity of the many different cell types that make up the system.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to inform researchers and the public on the power of the CyTOF instrument and our Mass Cytometry technology” stated Joe Victor, President and CEO of DVS Sciences.

Audiences will learn about mass cytometry, which includes the CyTOF 2 mass cytometer and associated metal-tagged reagents. In addition, viewers will be educated on how mass cytometry provides researchers with an unparalleled ability to phenotypically and functionally profile cells from normal and diseased states, and has been used in high-dimensional studies in diverse disciplines including immunology, cancer research, stem cell biology and drug profiling.

“DVS Sciences is committed to developing robust, innovative instrumentation that accelerate medical research and transform drug discovery,” said Michele Nehls, producer for the series. “I’m really looking forward to providing this vital information to our audience.”

About DVS Sciences, Inc.
DVS Sciences, Inc. manufactures and globally distributes novel bioanalytical solutions for use in biomarker discovery, biological research and potential future use in clinical applications. The patented multi-parameter technology comprises a high-throughput mass cytometer for quantitative individual cell analysis, CyTOF, and the MaxPar suite of stable isotope-tagged panel kits and reagents. The CyTOF platform overcomes the limitations of conventional flow cytometry, simplifies sample preparation, and can simultaneously identify up to 100 biomarkers with high resolution and wide dynamic range. CyTOF systems are installed in leading laboratories across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

DVS Sciences has its global headquarters and reagent kit manufacturing in Sunnyvale, California with a R&D and instrument manufacturing facility near Toronto, Canada and a sales/support office in the UK.

For more information on DVS Sciences, please contact Nicole Ellis-Ovadia at +1-408-900-7224 or visit www.dvssciences.com.

About Innovations:
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