Austen Riggs Center to be Featured in Episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr

DMG Productions explores the latest advancements in psychotherapy.

Stockbridge, MA—The Austen Riggs Center is pleased to announce that it will be featured in an upcoming episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr, airing on a combination of national and international television networks.

Nearly a century old, the Austen Riggs Center is a small, not-for-profit, open psychiatric continuum of care, specializing in the psychotherapeutic treatment of psychiatric disorders. Internationally known for its respectful work with emotionally troubled individuals who have often failed to benefit from previous treatments, the Austen Riggs Center has provided long-term residential and hospital-level psychiatric treatment.

This episode will educate audiences on Riggs’ residential and hospital-level psychiatric treatment, which is based on intensive, four-times-weekly individual psychotherapy, provided by psychiatrists and psychologists who have advanced and specialized training, and offered within a sophisticated therapeutic milieu.

“We are pleased to be participating in the Innovations series.” states James Sacksteder, M.D., Medical Director/CEO at the Austen Riggs Center. He went on to say, “The field of mental health care has changed over the years with greater reliance on medications. Our treatment approach utilizes but goes beyond medications, adding intensive psychotherapy within a therapeutic community to help an individual. Our unique approach places patients at the center of care, emphasizing and respecting their own authority in their treatment as they work to understand their problems and find ways to ameliorate them.”

The Austen Riggs Center is the only psychiatric hospital in the United States providing longer-term intensive individual psychodynamic psychotherapy to help otherwise “treatment-resistant” patients become people taking charge of their lives.

“The Austen Riggs Center helps treatment-resistant individuals take charge of their lives, so that they may return to more productive outpatient treatments and more fulfilling engagement in the outside world,” said Michele Nehls, Producer for the series. “I look forward to educating our viewers on the Center and the great things they’re doing.”

About the Austen Riggs Center:
The Austen Riggs Center, a leading psychiatric hospital and residential treatment program, has been serving adults since 1919. Within a completely open setting, patients are provided immersion in an intensive treatment milieu that emphasizes respectful engagement. Individual, four times weekly, psychodynamic psychotherapy is provided by doctors on staff.

For more information, visit: or call Suzanne Dewey, Director of Marketing/Business Development at (413) 931-5249.

About Innovations:
Innovations, hosted by award winning actor Ed Begley, Jr., is an information-based series geared toward educating the public on the latest breakthroughs in all areas of society. Featuring practical solutions and important issues facing consumers and professionals alike, Innovations focuses on cutting-edge advancements in everything from health and wellness to global business, renewable energy, and more.

For more information, visit: or call Michele Nehls, Senior Producer for Innovations Television at (866) 496-4065 x 822.

About DMG Productions:
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