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In the News

Innovations is an educational series dedicated to informing the public on the latest advancements and breakthroughs taking place across the globe. Throughout this series, we explore the significant issues impacting our lives today, and discover how to prepare for the future. From health and wellness, to science, technology, renewable energy, and more, join us on a journey to explore the practical solutions and important issues impacting our world.

Exploring Breakthrough Technology in Cryptocurrency

DMG Productions uncovers recent advances in asset-backed cryptocurrency. Jupiter, FL—Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr., will explore the ground-breaking project investment company, Element ASA (Element), in an upcoming episode, scheduled to air first-quarter 2018 on FOX [...]

Showcasing Advances in Virtual Reality

DMG Productions uncovers the latest technological breakthroughs in virtual reality. Jupiter, FL—In an upcoming episode of Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr., the award-winning producers will explore the revolutionary world of virtual reality. This is slated [...]