/Innovations Series Broadcasts on December 12, 2018 via History Channel

Innovations Series Broadcasts on December 12, 2018 via History Channel

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Jupiter, FL—Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. will broadcast via History Channel on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 6:30a ET. Check your local listings for more information.

Innovations will explore Aqualitas Inc. (Aqualitas), an aquaponics cannabis company rooted in science that is leading the way in Nova Scotia and around the world. The segment will look at Aqualitas’ unique, proprietary cultivation process, which uses all-natural inputs to produce a superior-quality product, with larger yields and faster growing times.

Next, the show will educate about Ricca Chemical Company (Ricca), a company that has grown to be the largest independent manufacturer of chemical testing solutions, standards, and inorganic reagents in North America. Known for its extensive product line, excellent quality, and custom manufacturing, viewers will learn about Ricca’s solutions for the cannabis industry.

Innovations will also explore BlackVue, by Pittasoft Co. Ltd. Showcasing its latest additions, BlackVue Over the Cloud and BlackVue Fleet Tracking, audiences will be educated about how they provide more possibilities for users, connecting people and businesses to their cars through the Cloud, anytime, anywhere.

Finally, the show will focus on Luxcore’s key innovation, Luxgate; a protected gateway that connects blockchains and allows secure communication and information-sharing between them. It also bridges the gap between traditional information warehouses (databases) and blockchains.

“Technology continues to impact society every day,� said Will Spilecki, senior producer for the Innovations television series. “We look forward to showcasing these game-changing solutions.�


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